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Karine Giboulo explores other facets of thematics developed in her installations, through works of smaller formats.

Broken Circle


Shoulders shrugged, a man stands among row after row of empty single beds. Like the beds, with frames that tilt and mattresses that hang a bit too far...



From Bulles de vie in 2005 up to her more recent projects (Village Démocratie, City of Dreams), Karine Giboulo discovers and unfolds multiple facets o...

What is my name?


What Is My Name? deals with the theme of forced cultural assimilation by a dominant group of people over the indigenous minority, and the resulting lo...

City of Dreams


Karine Giboulo is known for her intricate sculptures depicting the inner workings of the bureaucratic systems that Western Culture is built upon. They...

Village Democratie


After visiting the underworld of overconsumption in "Made in China" (All you can eat and Electronic Village, 2008), Giboulo gravitates to a different...

Electronique Village


With her Electronic Village, Karine Giboulo opens our eyes to the full irony of the life cycle of electronics: produced in China, they are used by the...

All You Can Eat


Every year thousands upon thousands of Chinese young people migrate to cities to work in manufacturing plants that feed the world's seemingly insatiab...



With Interiors, Karine endows her slices of life with a narrative quality. Her multi-story buildings can be seen as three-dimensional comic books. Eac...

Bulles de vie


A factory’s main purpose is mass production, and to achieve that goal, it must subjugate the workers. With her invention of the bubble factory Karine...

Usine à bulles


English version to come

Synthétiquement vivant


Early in her creative development, Karine Giboulo painted grand life narratives that took the format of comic strips. Set across several tiers, these...

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